New service from The Loop improves webinar recording quality

Ever on the quest to improve the way we deliver webinars, The Loop is happy to announce the launch of a new synchronised Live Event + Webinar recording solution.

From testing we’ve discovered that if two speakers present a webinar in the same room, with each speaker recording to their personal laptops via a microphone headset, then the sound for both speakers has a habit of going slightly out of sync.  This is caused by slight variable broadband speeds experienced on different laptops, even from the same WiFi or wired broadband service.  This is not necessarily noticeable on the live presentation, but if you record the event, you can end up with an annoying echo on the sound track. 

Then why not record the webinar via more traditional phone line, you may ask.  Overall, the webinar technology vendors recommend that you record your webinar straight to your personal computer to achieve the best quality sound for the live event.  From testing, we’ve found that is definitely the case.  So if you’re looking for the best quality recording, microphones are the way to go.

But what about the nasty echo on the recording?  In response to this issue, The Loop is partnering with Icon Presentations, one of the City of London’s leading Audio Visual suppliers, to offer a new integrated ‘Live Event + Webinar’ audio visual solution.   Put simply, any business can now present to an online and venue-based audience in one seamless, synchronised, live event production.  

This audio visual solution has been designed to solve the above mentioned sound synchronisation problems between the live and online audio whilst also improving speaker sound settings for individual presentations and panel discussions.  The result is a superior, professional audio visual experience for both the online and face-to-face audiences.   

Does your business need help with the broadcast of a simultaneous webinar and face-to-face seminar?  If so, please get in touch.  We’re always happy to discuss your specific event requirements without obligation.  

Susanne Currid