New Video Blog Coming Soon

After much planning and encouragement from my friend and video producer Mads Nybo Jorgensen (@madsvid), I finally plucked up the resolve to record a series of video blogs that focus on providing marketing advice and tips for restaurant, bar and cafe businesses.

I am so excited that we managed to get not one, not three but nine videos into the can on the day!  This week, I'll also be back in front of the camera to record a longer interview about the content of my new book, Build Your Tribe.  

Here are a few pics from the day.  Can you see the cat by the way?  Mads's little moggie decided to wander around during the recording which definitely tested my ability to keep a straight face during each recording!

To see more, make sure to come back and visit later this month, or why not sign-up for my free ebook and newsletter and I'll send you news of the video blogs once they go live.

Susanne Currid