How to DIY a Mobile Signup Offer on Facebook

In case you hadn’t heard, Facebook has gone totally ballistic on our lovely shiny smart phones.  Some say 70% now follow their FB chatter on mobile, others say it’s closer to 80%.  Depends on which side of the Atlantic you hail from as it seems UK residents even more dependent on their daily mobile shot than our US friends.   

This is all well and good for Joe and Jane Bloggs, but when it comes to marketing on Facebook, this customer behaviour has become a particular bug bear for businesses.   Every smart business Facebook page now has a Facebook app installed which enables brands to offer something special in exchange for an email address or a Facebook like.   The App appears as a clickable banner image at the top of the Facebook page and I’ve seen them grow Facebook fan followings double quick when the associated offer is sweet.  But, unfortunately, when it comes to Mobile Facebook, there has been no option available to do the same thing. 

However now, the clever people at (one of my favourite 3rd party Facebook app providers) have come up with a nice little workaround that enables businesses to create a Sign Up, Sweepstake or Coupon app double quick that is totally formatted for mobile and tablet users.   Why not check it out for yourself.    Click on on your mobile or tablet to see how it works.

It doesn’t take much stretch of the imagination to work out all the ways you could use this in restaurants to encourage signs ups and likes.  For example, you could design drinks mats or flyers to promote the mobile competition, or you can speed up the process even more by providing a quick scan QR code on menus which will take customers direct to the mobile application within a couple of clicks.  

If you are a fast casual dining chain or group bar business, this option should be added to your marketing arsenal superfast.   After all, we all like to eat and drink out and we all love our smartphones, so this type of lead generation marketing is a no-brainer.