Infograph: 10 Ways Restaurants are Using Social Media

I recently came across this great infographic from Digital Dining which showcases 10 way restaurants can use social media.  One of the cool aspects of the graphic is that it also makes reference to the ideal social media channels to use for each activity.   Look out for the icons listed under each point and there’s a handy index at the bottom to explain what they stand for.

I think this is a great list overall.  In addition, I would like to add a few extra thoughts on using Instagram and Foursquare for restaurant marketing that haven’t been mentioned in the Infograph.

When it comes to having a direct dialogue with current and new customers I’ve witnessed incredible rates of interaction between customers and brand leaders on Instagram.   Jamie Oliver and his Italian mentor Gennaro Contaldo are particularly good examples in this area.    Just in the past week, Jamie has managed to attract up to 3,660 comments on one Instagram post when he asked his followers to come up with a name for a new chocolate dessert he wanted to introduce in one of his restaurants. 

Hashtagging is also a big trend on Instagram.  For example, if you search for #Wagamama on Instagram you will find 33,000 plus photos, most also posted with customer comments.   As a consequence, it’s important that restaurant businesses who are on Instagram find ways to monitor these comments and feedback so they can immediately deal with customer service issues if they come up.    

I love the inventive, subversive way that FourSquare is used by the Michelin starred chef Tom Aikens.  He has setup a personal account on Foursquare where customers and a wider audience can simply add him as friend for a chance to get regular photographic updates on his latest dishes and culinary travels.  As a result of this deft marketing move, he’s created a space for daily social interactions with FS users – leaving the regular FourSquare business account holders standing mute on the digital sidelines.

If you have any more examples to share on using Instagram or FourSquare, I’d love to hear from you in the comments box below.