Diversifying Sales – The Drinks Brand Check List

One of the principle rules in business is diversification.   If you simply stick to selling shed loads of your best product, this may serve you well as a strategy to begin with.  But over time, your customers will come to expect more if you are to keep front of mind and centre of heart.

So how can you diversify sales and keep in the running? 

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Here’s my list of top activities and products that can help top up your turnover and put some much needed buzz in your publicity.

Courses and Tastings

Have you got a brewmaster or wine maker who’s passionate about sharing his or her knowledge about your drink making process?  Then consider bringing their expertise to the wider world by running a calendar of drinks educational events.

Venue Hire

Have you got a tasting or tap room that could double up as a distinctive party or events hire space?   With a bit of web/email marketing and regular plugs on social media, you could draw some additional cash from both your space and/or bar hire.

Bespoke Product Development

Some canny independent wine and beer producers are winning commissions from well known retailers, pub chains and high end or large chain restaurants to produce beer or wine that are created especially for their business.   As well as building sales, this is also a great way to showcase your brand and create some valuable PR and social media buzz.

Gift Vouchers

Another simple way to encourage people to introduce your product to new faces is to create an online Gift Voucher or Gift Card.



If your brand is rockin’ then T-Shirts are the go-to option if you want to rack up some additional sales.  They also double up as an excellent walking signs for your brand when worn by your team at festivals, events and beyond.  With T-Shirts, a little design effort also goes a long way, so make an effort to create a piece of apparel that looks cool or stylish.


Commissioning branded glassware is another way to help build your brand presence and to generate sales either via your tasting or tap room or online via your website.  I love this glassware example from BrewDog that pushes the idea of what a branded glass should look like.  Design innovations like this can help make you stand out on the bar.  But remember your design must align with your particular brand values and visual style. 

Beer Growlers

Bespoke designed Growlers are going down a storm in the US with Craft Beer lovers and potentially get long-term use by regular customers  who come back to your tap room for refills.

Gift Boxes

Packaging a limited or popular edition bottle with your glassware creates a more desirable purchase for those who’d like to offer your product and pass it on as a gift to friends, family or business contacts.

To explore how you can further diversify your drinks business sales and for advice on the steps you need to take to make it happen, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation chat.  You can also chat with any of my associates at The Business of Drinks for advice on a wider range of business challenges including finance, funding and operations.