Top 10 Social Media Tips for Promoting your Venue - Global Marketing Alliance

It’s recently been reported in a Barclays report on social media and the hospitality industry that 60 per cent of UK restaurant, hotel and bar businesses see only ‘some’ or ‘limited’ benefit from using social media to engage with would-be customers. This is at a time when smarter businesses in the sector are attributing up to 50 per cent of new sales from social channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

To get better results, here are my top ten tips:

  1. Research your Customer’s Use of Social Media – Will you find your customers on Twitter, Facebook or else? Speak to your customers directly or ask which channels they use on a feedback card or your website. Alternatively, seek the advice of a marketing consultant or members of your team who are particularly savvy on social media. Find out if your customers are more likely to use social media on a smart phone, tablet or computer as this could influence the type of content you decide to share. For example, not all images work well on mobile so it’s important to optimise for the small screen if that’s appropriate.