Top Five Tips for Promoting Your Food & Drink Venue Online - Food Chain magazine December 2013

In the past year, it feels like the geeks and gals from the technology world have been hurling out new digital marketing options at lightning speed, leaving many us wondering which way to turn next. To help you to see the proverbial wood from the trees when it comes to marketing your venue online in 2014 here are Susanne Currid’s top five digital marketing tips.

#1 Go Where Your Customers are on Social Media
In the past many venues have limited their social media marketing to Twitter and Facebook. However, with the younger generations leaving Facebook in their droves, I’d suggest it’s time to consider other platforms such as Instagram or SnapChat if this audience matters to you. This year for example, I’ve seen a number of restaurants and cafes achieve much higher levels of engagement on Instagram, so I would suggest it’s a channel you must consider if your customer base is under 30 years of age.

I recently also spoke with a restaurant Sales & Marketing manager who’s generating up to 60 per cent of her corporate bookings through LinkedIn. She’s achieved this by reaching out and having conversations with PAs, event managers and corporate bookers on LinkedIn groups. Again, this is an opportunity that many restaurants, bars and other venues are missing. If corporate events and bookings are important to you, it would be wise to ramp up your activity on LinkedIn. I suggest you also review other up-and-coming social media channels periodically, to make sure you catch your audience if they decide to gravitate to a new online space.

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