Case Study - Kelso Consulting

London PR agency attracts international customers with Thought Leadership webinar


London-based PR Agency Kelso Consulting saw the potential to raise awareness of their Legal PR services in the USA and beyond with a webinar presentation.  Previously, they had attracted attention from British Legal firms with their live seminar ‘How To Improve Your Rankings in Legal Directories’.  Legal firms the world over use Legal Directories for promotion, so this seemed an ideal topic to broadcast internationally.   However, with no previous experience of running or marketing webinars, Kelso turned to The Loop for assistance.

Our Solution:

Firstly, we used LinkedIn to research and build a targeted list of senior marketing and business development contacts within US law firms who also practiced in the UK.  This list was then added to Kelso’s existing list of UK law firm contacts which came to a total of 150 verified senior names.

Before the webinar, The Loop twice emailed a personalised invite, which resulted in 22 registrations - a very positive response rate of 14.65%.


Social media notifications of the event were posted on a number of Law Marketing discussion groups.  Regular Twitter stories were posted in the weeks up to the event and a supporting blog story written by The Loop combined to successfully pull in another 17 registrations.  These mostly senior law firm contacts came from the USA, UK, India, Belgium, The Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico and Bulgaria.

At the live event, 74% of our registrants went on to attend the webinar.  Generally, if you get 50% attendance on the day, that will be deemed a reasonable turnout, so 74% well surpassed usual expectations.  One dedicated Indian attendee stayed up past midnight to join us live online which certainly shows interest beyond the usual course of duty!

The initial PowerPoint presentation used by Kelso at their live seminars comprised 20 or so black and white bullet point slides.  The Loop recommended a complete overhaul of the content presentation and replaced much of the bullet text with impactful photos and graphics.  The successful appeal of the webinar content was indicated by the fact that only one attendee dropped out during the presentation and interest rates registered very highly throughout.  Later, our one early leaver emailed to apologise for her early departure, and asked for more information about the remainder of the webinar Q & A session.

The webinar ended with a lively Q&A session with questions coming in from several audience members.


One week on, Kelso has been invited to meet with a leading US law firm.  

What Our Client Said:

"Susanne has just helped Kelso Consulting undertake its first webinar. From start to finish Susanne devised and managed the process in an excellent manner, ensuring every step progressed smoothly and to the timetable. The result was a great event with an excellent attendance." 

Tim Prizeman, Managing Director, Kelso Consulting 


This webinar production incorporated the following services from The Loop:

  • Email List Research & Mailing
  • Email Invite Copy
  • Registration page copy
  • Blog Copy
  • Social Media promotion
  • PowerPoint design, edit and image selection
  • Speaker rehearsal
  • Technical rehearsal
  • Attendee query management
  • Live moderation of webinar
  • Webinar technology setup and management
  • Webinar Attendee report and mailing list update

Are you interested in reaching out to new markets via webinars?  If so, make sure to get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.