Ping Pong Restaurant - Case Study

Social Media Consultancy for Ping Pong restaurant chain improves and builds Facebook fan engagement

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Previously, Ping Pong the international Dim Sum restaurant chain, had outsourced the management of their social media communications to an external digital marketing agency.  However, at the beginning of 2012, the company took the decision to take management of their social media accounts in-house as these channels were becoming increasingly important for the day-to-day communications of the business.  As Ping Pong did not have a Social Media expert in-house, the CEO invited Susanne Currid from The Loop to come and work with the in-house marketing team as a supporting consultant and social media trainer.  

Our Solution

Facebook had the largest following and the greatest potential for growth, so Susanne initially advised the business on how to gather more detailed statistics on the channel's performance. Once the existing metrics were benchmarked, Susanne and the managers set new KPIs to act as targets for future Facebook activity. 

To improve engagement levels and fan "likes" Susanne then provided guidance on the following:

  • Tone of voice
  • Follower engagement strategies
  • Promotion delivery
  • Facebook application integration
  • Upgrading to the new Facebook Timeline layout
  • Integrating Instagram with Facebook

Additionally, Susanne has provided strategic advice and training support on the application and use of Social Media publishing tools,  Google Places, YouTube and Twitter.

Results To Date

  • Ping Pong has already saved thousands of pounds of agency fees as the in-house team has been trained how to manage and publish Facebook posts, promotions and data capture applications with much more cost-effective off-the-shelf web-based publishing tools
  • Fan numbers have increased by 400 over the past two months.  In the previous weeks before Susanne’s techniques were commissioned, the UK Page was acquiring approx. 20 fans per week.
  • More importantly, the average reach of each Ping Pong post on Facebook has also increased by 38% over the past two months.  This means the engagment strategy is ensuring more people see the daily posts than ever before.

Susanne also helps Ping Pong to clarify more general issues with their digital marketing and identify solutions for improvement.

LATEST NEWS (OCT 1st 2012)

Susanne continues to consult with the restaurant business on marketing via Facebook and Twitter. Fan numbers have also rocketed with over 700 new fans acquired due to Ping Pong's latest Facebook campaign in the month of September.


Are you interested in booking regular Social Media Performance Improvement sessions for your team?  Then please get in touch and Susanne will be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

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