Social Media Strategy & Action Plan

Without a strategy your social media marketing has the potential to completely miss the mark and waste a great deal of your team’s time and effort.  


However, when you commission a Social Media Strategy & Action Plan from The Loop, you can say goodbye to squandered time and effort as you turn your social media communications into a successful and impactful business activity.


A Social Media Strategy & Action Plan will help you to:

  • Grow a larger following for your business
  • Achieve much higher levels of engagement
  • Stimulate more direct sales and visits
  • Implement and realise results more quickly
  • Set targets and measure results
  • Support and strengthen your overall brand and marketing strategy


A typical Social Media Strategy and Action Plan will include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Benchmark review of your business’s social media performance in past year
  • Customer Personas detailing key customer types, their behaviours and needs
  • Business and marketing objectives matched to specific social media strategies and tactics
  • Recommendations on use of latest social media channels and technologies
  • Priorities, proposed milestones and Key Performance Indicators for plan period
  • Recommended resources, tools and expenditure
  • Prioritised actions and a longer term road map


The development of each plan will start with an Exploratory Workshop to ensure your plan integrates with and supports your wider business and marketing objectives.  Once all the necessary information has been gathered in this workshop and through additional online research, Susanne will prepare a written document which maps out the complete plan as detailed above.   Once finalised, it will be presented to you and your team along with a prioritised action plan and future road map.

Next Steps?

Do you think your business could benefit from the development of a new social media marketing strategy?  Then why not get in touch and Susanne will be happy to provide a free 60 minute consultation on telephone, Skype or in person.