Restaurant & Bar Case Study

New Marketing Strategy for London Bridge Restaurant & Bar Boosts Sales


Platform Bar & Restaurant is located in London Bridge, a thriving business and tourist hub that nestles right underneath the fantastic new Shard development. Happy with the bar traffic but concerned about limited flow through to the restaurant, Platform's management contacted us to see if we could help raise its profile and increase its patronage.  They also needed to train a new member of staff to handle the day-to-day delivery of various marketing activities.


Our Solution

We conducted a venue review with the management team to examine their marketing and sales practices and to seek out areas for improvement. We also developed a customer survey to determine: how patrons learned about the client; discover whether or not they knew there was a restaurant on the upper level; get feedback on customer satisfaction levels and learn about their engagement with a variety of social media networks.

Based on the results of the venue review and customer survey, we came up with an extensive marketing plan that involved:

▪   Hosting a marketing review workshop with the Client’s management team

▪   Providing recommendations and design direction for improved: exterior menu display; food menu; drinks menu; bar food marketing; venue signage & wayfinding

▪   Setup of new online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system where we consolidated and tagged all existing contacts from reservations & marketing databases

▪   Development of a new marketing strategy for email, social media & venue-based promotions

▪   Creation of a promotions schedule and templates for promotional materials (flyers, newsletter, etc.)

▪   Delivery of 1-to-1 training for in-house manager on social media management, CRM system and email newsletter management

▪   Creative campaign development and setup of: 

▪   Toilet Door advertising campaign to support up-and-coming Facebook competitions

▪   Mobile Marketing promotions on GooglePlaces & Foursquare

▪   Christmas Lunch marketing campaign for the 2011 holiday season

▪   Facebook 'Bar Party' promotion


After three months of regular marketing support from The Loop (1 day per week), Platform has reported a marked increase in food and cocktail sales.  

▪   Cocktail sales rose from 766 to 1,246 in one month (June to July 2011)

▪   Nearly 300 sales were made of their new Bar Food 'Platter' offer

▪   Sales of their special deal meal nearly doubled

▪   Upstairs and lunch-time dining covers have increased significantly

▪   Customer connections to their Twitter & Facebook pages have nearly tripled

What the client said:

Susanne's wealth of knowledge in the world of digital marketing has been extremely beneficial to Platform Bar and Restaurant. In her role as consultant she has acted as a mentor for a new member of marketing staff, helping us to get some much needed communications and procedures in place. She methodically took us through a process of identifying improvements needed in the restaurant from a customers point of view, addressing signage and clarifying our offer messaging. In addition, she helped us set up and consolidate our social media presence and she also advised and helped us to set up a new Customer Relationship Management system. She has got us to a stage where we have the processes and suitable software packages in place to be able to manage our marketing in house with the added benefit of an ongoing advice service, which she continues to provide. 

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New exterior menu display template

New exterior menu display template