Wedding Bells Ring Out on

If you’re involved in the wedding business in any way then I urge you now to hot foot it over to  So why is that you may ask?  In the PInterest world, it’s all about style, beauty,  inventiveness and creativity expressed in millions of luscious outcomes.  And fashion, food, interiors, gardens and weddings are particularly hot topics.  I call it the glossy, lifestyle magazine of social media.  Pinterest is definitely not the place where you are assaulted with fuzzy photos and candid shots of late night meandering.  

Also, unsurprisingly, Pinterest is the social media channel with the biggest proportion of female users worldwide.  Figures from 2012 show a massive 87% of users are female.  And interesting, according to a report issued earlier last year, 29% of UK users are in the highest earning bracket.  Of course, that figure may have changed over the year, but I suspect there is still a valuable group of high spenders to target on Pinterest in the UK.

So if you’re a restaurant, hotel or venue that specialises in weddings it’s time to get pinning!  In a nutshell the website allows users to upload images or collect pictures from around the web and pin them to virtual notice boards within their Pinterest account.  So for example, brides-to-be can collect together images that visually represent their perfect wedding look or their must-have suppliers.  These images also appear in the  Pinterest newsfeed and can be commented on, shared and repined by other users.  An eye-catching image can end up being shared or commented on by hundreds of users.


For wedding suppliers, you have an opportunity to showcase beautiful lifestyle images of your wedding location, flowers or food across a series of themed boards. 

If you are a business, you should also setup on Pinterest using their business account option.  For more info on how to setup a business account check out this Pinterest blog post.

Ready to get pinning?  Then here are my top 7 recommendations when marketing your business on Pinterest.

  1. When you first create a board make sure to associate it with the ‘Wedding’ category.
  2. Use keywords potential brides or wedding planners may use as search terms on Pinterest across your file names and image descriptions. 
  3. For better visibility keep your keywords quite specific.  General keywords will get lost in the fray.  Have you got a niche?  Then mention that in your description copy.
  4. Keep your text short and your copy lifestyle magazine in tone to avoid looking like a quick win spammer.  
  5. You can also add a link to the image description once the image has been added, by using the Edit image function.  Unfortunately you can’t add a link when you first upload or save the image.
  6. Include boards and images that inspire you, so your pinned images are not all about the sell and spread the love by liking and re-pinning other great images to your business's creative inspiration boards.
  7. For copyright’s sake, watermark your images so they are always retraceable to you.

As an added bonus, you’ll be glad to hear that Pinterest content is searchable by Google (unlike Facebook), so your images also have the potential to show up in search results. 

For more advice on using Pinterest for your business, why not book a Social Media Advisory session, and I’ll be happy to advise you on strategies and tactics that will work specifically for you.